Growth Strategy and Future Plans

Growth Strategy

Guided by an experienced and strong management team, Swissco looks towards broadening our horizons beyond the shores of Singapore through joint ventures and strategic alliances. Apart from expanding our fleet size and enhancing our fleet capabilities, we also strive to progress up the value chain in every aspect of our business. As a start, Swissco has taken steps to improve our fleet profile to include jack-up rigs in the chartering services segment.

In general, our business philosophy is to look for strategic partners to form alliances when diversifying into new businesses or venturing into new markets. We look for strategic partners to provide local and industry knowledge and management expertise that are critical to the success of new businesses. We form alliances with these strategic partners whenever opportunities arise to enable our Group to grow and achieve a stronger presence in the various regions.

As we sail towards steady growth and profitability, our journey will be marked by continuous improvement and innovations, as we seek to better ourselves every step of the way for our customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and stakeholders.

Future Plans

Swissco’s future plans include the following:

  • Strategic corporate/business expansion through investments, acquisitions and/or joint ventures.
  • Strategic fleet expansion through development and/or acquisition of quality offshore assets
    • Rigs:
      • Depressed valuations could present opportunities to acquire distressed assets at attractive prices
      • Sale and leaseback arrangements
      • To match rigs to charters
    • OSVs: continual focus on our fleet renewal and diversification program
  • Expand and upgrade our ship repair and maintenance capabilities, to enable us to cater to a wider group of customers.
  • Expansion of our markets to diversify risks and capture more growth opportunities.