Health, Safety and Environment

Swissco places the highest priority on Safety and Environmental protection. The company's personnel at levels, both ashore and on-board the ship shall be fully committed, competent and motivated to fulfill the objectives of:

  • Providing for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment.
  • Establishing safeguards against all identified risks
  • Continuously improving their safety management skills offshore and shipboard personnel, including preparing for emergencies related to both safety and environmental protection.

Our vessel operations comply with the IMO’s International Safety Management (ISM) Code requirements and are audited by ABS.

Our ship repair yard operations comply with bizSAFE 3.

Safety is the concern of all and has no rank barriers. To this end, the management is committed to making all personnel more safety conscious and encourages personnel at all levels to become actively involved in identifying possible hazards, implementing preventive measures to overcome hazards, implementing corrective action and constantly monitoring all facets of their working environment to ensure that safety conditions prevail.

Continuous effective training is fundamental to the company's business and its safety culture. As its standards improve, the company will set new goals and targets that all personnel shall strive to attain.